Cosmetologist does injections for lips augmentation and anti wrinkle in the nasolabial folds of a beautiful woman. Women's cosmetology in the beauty salon.

Injectables and Neurotoxins Treatments

Enjoy the artistry of timeless beauty with our injectables and neurotoxin treatments. Crafted with precision, Juvederm and Restylane erase signs of aging, while Radiesse Fillers stimulate collagen for results that endure. Our neurotoxins—Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin—bring masterful precision to relax muscles and smooth wrinkles. Unveil a rejuvenated you at AEON Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine.

Juvederm: Rejuvenate Your Radiance

Experience the transformative power of Juvederm, a premier facial filler designed to restore facial contours and combat the signs of aging, including wrinkles. Our Juvederm treatments, based on hyaluronic acid, target key areas of the face, such as the lips, cheeks, and around the mouth. Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body, stimulates collagen production, which is essential for skin plumping. Aging diminishes the body's natural hyaluronic acid and collagen production, leading to sagging skin and wrinkles.

The formula's hyaluronic acid not only increases volume but also attracts and retains water, preserving the added volume. Juvederm offers various formulations with distinct bonding and hyaluronic acid concentrations, each addressing specific problem areas and depths.

  • AEON Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine

    Juvederm Voluma XC: Enhances cheek size by adding volume beneath the skin's surface.

  • AEON Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine

    Juvederm XC and Juvederm Vollure XC: Fills smile lines and wrinkles around the mouth and nose.

  • AEON Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine

    Juvederm Ultra XC and Juvederm Volbella XC: Lip enhancement treatments.

Results from Juvederm are rapidly noticeable, either immediately or after the swelling subsides. Depending on the product used, these results can last up to two years.

The doctor cosmetologist makes Lip augmentation procedure of a beautiful woman in a beauty salon.Cosmetology skin care.
Dermal filler treatments for men. Man receives dermal filler injections for jawline.
dermal filler treatments .Hyaluronic acid injections for specific areas.Correct wrinkles

Restylane: Unveil Timeless Beauty

Similar to Juvederm, Restylane, another hyaluronic acid-based filler, targets wrinkles and adds volume to lips and cheeks. Additionally, Restylane is effective in minimizing dark circles under the eyes. Tailored Restylane options cater to specific target areas:

  • AEON Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine

    Restylane Silk: Lip augmentation and wrinkle reduction around the mouth.

  • AEON Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine

    Restylane Lyft: Cheek augmentation, midface contour deficiencies, providing more volume and fullness.

  • AEON Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine

    Restylane: Facial wrinkles and folds, lip augmentation, dark circles under the eyes.

  • AEON Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine

    Restylane Refyne: Wrinkles from the nose to the corners of the mouth.

  • AEON Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine

    Restylane Defyne: Wrinkles around the nose and mouth.

  • AEON Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine

    Radiesse Fillers: Stimulate Your Skin’s Radiance

Radiesse Fillers

Rediesse fillers use calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) gel microspheres compatible with the body’s natural tissues. These microspheres stimulate collagen production, naturally plumping out wrinkles and folded skin. Results can last up to two years, thanks to the increased collagen production.

AEON Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine

Neurotoxins: Smooth Lines, Unleash Confidence

Harnessing the power of botulinum toxin, neurotoxins block neuromuscular signals, keeping muscles in a relaxed state.

face   elderly woman wrinkles before and after


Utilizes botulinum A toxin for smoothing out wrinkles, especially effective for frown lines, deep wrinkles, and fine lines on the face.

face of an elderly man wrinkles face before and after procedures


It also uses botulinum toxins to smooth wrinkles, particularly effective for lines between the eyebrows and upward toward the forehead.

woman face wrinkles before and after collage treatment


Contains botulinum toxin only, without additional proteins, preventing antibody resistance. Approved for treating glabellar lines between the eyebrows.

While these injections share similarities, minor differences exist. Follow-up injections are necessary to maintain results.

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What Does Treatment Consist Of?

PRP injections, derived from your own blood, are safe and can be used in conjunction with other treatments. On the treatment day, a topical anesthetic is applied, and a small blood sample is drawn and processed through a centrifuge. The resulting platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the treatment location.

Effects are often immediate, with benefits increasing over time as cells and tissues rebuild. PRP therapy offers a personalized approach using components from your own body, avoiding the generalized formula and side effects associated with medications.

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